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STAHP IT!!! (25Ld Tue).

I tried my hardest to stop this tree from running around like a loon so I could get a decent shot of it and failed lol.

These Animesh trees are so freaking funny I just had to get them. I say “them” because you get 6 different styles in the pack. I think the biggest one is 23 prims which is pretty good for Animesh. You can click on them and you can change the colour of the bark and also set the parameters of how far they will run plus you can have them move in a circle or a square. I’m pretty sure they also react to their surroundings so basically if they come across a solid object ie wall, rock it makes them change. directing. One thing for sure is that there are 2 examples rezzed on the roof garden at the Gumi shop.

They are the 25Ld Tue gift from Gumi’s Flower Shop.

Gumi’s Flower shop.