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Arggghhhh! Pulling my hair out


I rarely whinge or moan about stuff in SL – butttt this has happened to me twice in the last 48 hours. Why oh why oh why do designers not put what the Li is on their items for sale??? Especially at events when the landmark to the demo area isn’t working (yes, I’m talking about you Shiny Shabby!) Even more so when its a new item that isn’t on the marketplace yet to check.

Its just SO annoying to get home with say a backdrop , to find its 499Li (The Bearded Guy) or 288Li (.Unicorn). Luckily as we had an issue a few months ago with an item rezzed that returned half my home – I decided to play safe and rez these two back drops in a sandbox – BLIMEY!! So own up to your land impact designers, if we want it we will still buy it and rez it in a place where land impact isn’t an issue – don’t HIDE it !

Rant over.

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  1. Hands up it was me who done it!

    You can imagine the shock and for me the guilt when Faith logged in and found half of her home had been returned to her and that’s because on the island we share I’d rezzed a high prim backdrop, now binned. Normally what happens when you try to rezz something and you don’t have enough free prims is the build doesn’t rezz completely but in this case the build did rezz completely and returned half of Faith’s home to her. I will assume that if I’d been closer to my side it would have been half of my home returned.

    Anyhow this basically means I now do not buy anything that doesn’t have the prims on it. Just as I won’t buy any clothing/hair if I can’t try a demo if I can’t see the prims then nope. I have too many items in my invent that I will never use because they turned out to be too primmy. It’s just very off putting.

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      1. That’s very true but often in the shops/events etc the sellers rezz a smaller version so it takes up less prims and although most do make it clear that that’s the case not all of them do.


      2. I use the official viewer , and the two items I bought didnt have a display model out – great info tho šŸ™‚


  2. Add displaying render weights and scripts to the list. For example, the piece of furniture at a popular weekly sale with its script count over 1k,,,or the mesh stockings that added 100k to my render weight!!!

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    1. Oh yes ! Totally agree with that – what surprises me is that the culprits of these script hungry items think we wont know? I wouldnt buy from them again either – its poor work tbh.

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