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I’m lucky. (Sale).

As you all know the only shop I blog for is the Mina (Nakamura) brand because…no I won’t bore you but trust me I don’t do it for “free hair” as I’d happily buy it.

And yet even though I have more than enough hair I’m always on the look out for a couple of styles I know I haven’t got yet which is why I’ve left my AV stood in the Ayashi shop and when I log back in I will be trying on more demo’s.

As you can see from the poster this sale is in both the Limerence and Ayashi shop, I already own some Ayashi hair so I know it’s a young kawaii style but both shops are PACKED with hair and even better as the Gacha’s are only 50Lds there are so many of them.

Ayashi & Limerence. (Shops are oposite each other).