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Horror and Chillaxing. (Freebie & 15Ld Hunt).

On a sunday at some stage I turn off my phone, computer and brain, pull down the blinds and Netflix/Prime and chill some tacky horror B movies or “straight to TV” ones…don’t judge me lol and now I’ve found both a Freebie(s) and a cheap hunt I can do just that.

The dress comes from one of Seniha’s small satelite shops, I’m pretty sure that there is a big shop. You get this plain colour and the same colour with a floral pattern over it. The other group gift is a sexy bunny girl outfit.

Next door to the Seniha shop is the Pink Charcoal shop and that like many shops has an Easter hunt going on.

I didn’t buy anything this time but I do appreciate the much bolder colours used in these items. Each is only 15Lds so it wasn’t because they were over priced that I didn’t indulge it’s because of lack of time and as you will see from the date on the bottom of the poster today is the last day of this hunt.

So if you want to spend your day relaxing in SL then check out not just these shops also all the other shops on this nice shopping sim as I do know that more than often if one shop has a hunt on then others will as well.

Seniha/Pink Charcoal & Other Shops.