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“No Way”. (New 60Ld Hud Info).

As I’m trawling my way through SL trying to find a freebie I came across a new discount hud for a weekly event called “NoWayEvent”(sic).

The reason I’m not showing you anything is because these offers are out for a very limited time which means I couldn’t buy anything even if I wanted to. It only runs from thursday 9am to friday 11.59pm SL time which obviously means there is nothing for sale and you will just have to log in every thur/fri to see a new updated list of offers.

You can pick this hud up inworld but I don’t have a link for that I do have the link for their marketplace shop where you can pick the hud up for free as well as their blog page as they have a gallery of previous 60Ld offers.

No Way Event. (I’ve found where you can get the hud inworld).

No Way Event Blog. (Check the gallery for previous releases).

No Way Event Hud. (Marketplace).