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Sorry Faith I have a new BFF! (Freebie(s) & The Arcade).

First the freebies.

The shoes and dress are from a shop called “Pull”. Totally new to me and so I was excited to visit it. It’s not a big shop at the moment and I can see from a couple of the demos I picked up, which do cost 1Ld to buy, that it’s not going to cater for my preferred mesh body. This Christmas dress does have SLink HG fit and the shoes are a lovely blush pink/orange? So I’m happy I have something I can show you.

There are other gifts a sexy and simple LBD (Little Black Dress) and a couple of quality looking basics such as denim skirts.

Yesterday I succumbed to temptation and visited the latest Arcade event and won a couple of nice items, now reboxed, and then this…


Sorry to shout but this little thing is so freaking adorable! OMG, I’m riveted as it dances, leaps and waves it’s little leggies! Best of all this palm out hand pose stays the same as you walk around showing off your little palm pet! It’s one of the common prizes from the Hextraordinary Gacha and cost me 75Lds….worth every Linden lol. You can rezz them but as we all know Animesh animals are primmy, about 22-29 ish, so I’m more than happy to keep my new buddy on my hand.


Seraphim Blog. (For the Arcade prize pictures/LM).