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Time wasting. (Freebie(s)).

For some reason my computer is on a go slow protest so I’ve thown in the towel and I decided to just stand still and yet again work through my invent especially the “recieved items” folder which is where all my marketplaces are sent too.

You get some really good textures for the chair, cushion and nice standard poses although I will say the 2 phone ones were pretty good.

OK, slightly confusing but not really. The gifts on the US Design marketplace shop are dollarbies while inworld they’re free except you do pay 1Ld and it’s returned to you. Then to buy this chair, which must be the newest gift, you click to buy it and the link to the marketplace shop is sent to you however the chair is priced at 0Lds on the marketplace so it’s free….is that clear(ish)?

BTW. If you’re wondering about my gang then here they are, sorry not for sale, not free, not anything as they came from a shop long gone from SL and as soon as I log back in they will be gone from my invent.

I’m down to 50,348 items in my invent and it’s been like pulling teeth making sure that I’m not binning stuff I will later regret and as cute as my gang of panda’s are I’m not sorry to see them go.

I promise when I return it will be with clothing.

US Design.

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