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“Home Sweet Home” (Group Gift(s) 25Ld).

I was checking my groups notices, for a change, and decided to head on over to the Chic Moda shop as the group only costs 25Lds to join so it’s a bargain and there is a new gift out for us which is this pink sweater. It only comes in 3 gifts and lucky for me I don’t even have to change my body as the SLink HG fit looks fine over my SLink P fit.

There are 3 other gifts, well worth checking out as well as 3 lucky boards.

I’ve just spotted that if you want to try the demo out first then head on into the room behind and on the wall with the entrance to the “Decor” section and thats where you will see the full priced ones and of course it’s the pink colour which is the group gift.

PS. As soon as I returned to my own “home sweet home” I’ve changed my mind and I won’t be creating the raised island as to me my home is as perfect as I want it to be. Maybe in the future when I change my home I may change the landscaping but until then it’s all good.

Chic Moda.