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Fun and Photo Ops. (Freebie(sss).

I’ve never heard of the alpha.tribe shop and sim but I suspect it’s been active for a long time.

When you TP over you get a folder sent to you which has details about the sim and shop. If you don’t want to have a wander around the sim first then use either the TP at the LM or use the LM in the note and go straight to the shop. There you will find a christmas tree with gifts still out for us and in the shop is a whole wall of group gifts.

The designs are so unique, different and maybe not for everyone but it was so nice just to try new stuff and look closely you can see I even used the applier given to change the skin to match the outfit.

There was so much to choose from and I was going to show you a couple of the more daily wearable ones and then I thought “sod it”. This isn’t even the most outlandish looks and I totally recommend you try the hats on.

I must admit on a very cold and boring monday morning it was a nice break from the humdrum to walk around the whole sim then unpack and work my way through the stuff I picked up.

PS. Lots of male/unisexed items as well.

alpha.tribe (Sim & Shop).

alpha.tribe (Marketplace shop).

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I have hope in my heart.(Freebie).

This does come in SLink HG fit so I was pleased that I could model it for you.

I have no idea why this pose as me pointing upwards, I think it’s going to be another one for the trash lol. I have edit the picture so the dress is a bit more “ruby” in colour but when you zoom in on it inworld you will see texturing so subtle it looks like real fabric…a sign of quality.

Remember as it’s Monday it means you should visit Apple Fall because even if you can’t/don’t use furniture/decor in SL one of the raffle prizes is 1500Lds in lindens.

Virtual Diva.

Apple Fall.

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Profile Bingo & Freebies

Nothing I enjoy more than a wander around The Black Forest aka TBF . There are sooo many great items for free, or $10L. I hadn’t seen this profile bingo before so bought it for $10L and gave it a go. If you’re like me and love a nosey at peoples profiles this is brilliant ! Just attach the Hud and off you go, ticking off those well known profile staples as you go around Second Life. Once you’ve found one, click the phrase and it will tick itself off with a nice big red dot. Of course I cheated to find out what happens when you get them all ! A sweet little surprise is delivered to you – I wont spoil the fun ! Link below for the market place to grab your bingo and also link for the inworld store to browse – there are also some free full perm items if you fancy fooling around and making something unique or teaching yourself some scripting , building etc.

TBF Bingo Hud

TBF Store

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I’m sorry. (Freebie).

I had been trying to get into a brand new shop called Shy Doll as they had a generous gift card on offer as an opening gift which I missed but I didn’t miss this free blouse.

There are two colours on offer this pastel pink and a pastel purple shade.

A really good start from a brand new shop in SL and it’s always nice to see new shops opening their doors.

UPDATE: I forgot that this is actually a “body suit” which since I’m not wearing the bottom part of this outfit means you can wear it as it comes or teamed up with something else.

Shy Doll.(To find the gifts, turn left and they’re on the wall there).

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Secret Sale Sunday !

Its time for a bit of Secret Sale Sunday! SO many great buys this Sunday, I grabbed this set from Believe $50L “My Coffee”, you get the coffee with a Hud of three colours for the cup, the bouquet of tulips and a cute ring doughnut. Each item is wearable separately so you can pick and choose which part to wear or wear them all. I also noted that Evergreen has their Guinea pigs on offer too – you seriously wont be able to resist them !

Web Hud here

Hair “Amy” by Magica

Sweater “Grey afternoon” by B.D.R

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It’s a flash sign. (Free Credit & Updated LM).

This is a pretty regular thing from these 4 shops, I ain’t complaining. You simply slap a sub-board then slap one of the notice board in the shop, chose which shop you want the credit with and go shopping…pretty easy. This time I’ve chosen to spend my credit in the Vaxer shop so when I log in I’ll be having a nice look around.

PS. Time limit, I think it’s till the 25th to get the credit and then you have till the 31st to spend the credit….DOH I just spotted that that is exactly what the sign says lol.

Vaxer, Gaall, Sweet Temptation, C&S. (They’re all in the same area).

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I’m keeping it.(Freebie(s)).

My beach that is, check my last post, as for the outfit it’s time to say goodbye to it.

You have seen it before as it’s the “Stay at home club” gift from a shop called Dolly Daydream.

A sweet spring sweater and skirt set and that bag just makes it stand out. You do get hud which allows you to change the colour, pattern and texture of the clothes and the bag which is a very nice touch.

There is a new, to me, gift in this shop but Dolly Daydream specialise in the more petite body shape and although the new gift did fit me it wasn’t good enough to take a picture. You will find that and a couple of other gifts on the reception desk and this outfit is on the wall just behind the desks.

Now I’ve reblogged it I can bin it, I am keeping the LM’s though for future visits. I’m down to around the 61,000 mark in my invent and it’s been hard to bin even just the 5,000 I’ve done so far.

Dolly Daydream.