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Ouch, Pulled.

If you’re wondering where this post has gone, it’s been pulled by me which does break my heart as it was such a great freebie.

The reason is simple as both Faith and I can’t find the subscribers board and the items were not group gifts and there was nothing in the group notice about how to get the gift so I made the decision to pull this post.

I suspect that there was once a subscribers board out in the past and I’d slapped that then at some stage the board was removed but she still has a list of subscribers and my name is on that list.

So what I did say about making sure to slap subscribers boards still stands as I not only scored that gift but I also mentioned a new Haybusa gift which was sent to me.

6 thoughts on “Ouch, Pulled.”

  1. Hello, in case you are talking about the great chairs and coffee table from Zen Creations: you can get the whole set for free if you are lucky and your letter comes up on the Lucky Chairs. It took me several hours of patience but yesterday I was a lucky winner. So, no worries, it was a great hint to visit this store 🙂

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    1. I don’t think it’s the same, these were big fat cushioned chairs and little side tables. I loved them so much I’ve sent a note to the shop owner asking how did I get them lol. Thanks for your comment and you’re so right those lucky chairs really are lucky, I just unpacked the stand with all the plants on them.


      1. Yup, you’ve got it right.

        Thats the set I was talking about and yes it turns out it was a Lucky Chair win. I got a nice message off the seller, Zhoie(eek I forgot the spelling of her name) but she’s just confirmed that it was an automatic update and at some stage I must have bought or more likely won this set. How nice that even gifts are inc in the update. I’m just surprised I didn’t remember it!


  2. Thumbs up! Everything figured out! Thank you for your great posts, I`m looking forward to read something new and interesting every day 🙂 – Gotta go stalking Lucky Chairs for a while 🙂

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    1. Because of you I too lurked and won some great Lucky chair prizes but sadly the chair set didn’t pop up. I’m so glad you enjoy our blog. The thrill of finding a goodie cheers me up as well. Stay safe.


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