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A simple start. (Freebie).

Just the pants.

Simple black pants with no hud, pockets, belt etc just a single button, the dot on my belly, for deccoration.

In fact their plainess is a bonus as you can see these can be teamed up with other items you may already have to make a cool and classy look.

BTW Even though I call them plain when seen inworld they do have a nice soft fabric texture with a hint of wrinkles and although dark they’re not that matt black, cheap, dark. You only get 2 fits, Maitreya & Legacy. The Maitreya wasn’t a great fit for my SLink bod so I was really suprised to find that the Legacy was! Which is great as I am going to be keeping these.

I picked these up from the Art&Ko stall at the Vanity Event. I didn’t see many other gifts at this event, a free body shape is the events gift, but things may not have rezzed for me as it’s sometimes an issue that “demo” and “gifts” don’t rezz even though the shop has, even yesterday I had to get faith over to see if there was a demo for an outfit I was tempted to buy or it just wasn’t rezzing for me…there was no demo so I didn’t buy it!

PS. To show them off better I’m going to hunt down a free/cheapie top and use these pants again.

Vanity Event.

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