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Stripped bare. (10Ld TeleportHub Gift & Free Box of BOM).

I knew that neither I or Faith would have been able to model this outfit as it only comes in a Legacy fit but that sheen and brassy metal was just too good not to blog.

So I took everything off, apart from my feet and TP’d back to the Stargazer shop to use one of the walls as a plain backdrop so you can see that really interesting liquid metal/holographic sheen at it’s best.

This is a TeleportHub gift, 10Lds to join that and apart from a “box of BOM” gifts I didn’t see any other gifts. I ‘ve not opened the box of BOM stuff so it’s going to be a surprise for me as well as you.

When you TP in you will find in the room to your left this TeleportHub gift and it’s the room to your right has the “Box of BOM” stuff, the writing on the wall.

PS. Just before I deleted it I popped my Legacy Perky bod on and it’s a great fit for that.

Stargazer Shop.