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Free and look at me.

These are the new gifts from Hisa.

I squealed ever so slightly in RL as before the latest lockdown I’d managed to pick up an oversized teapot with the intentions of using it in a similar way.

You get 2 different styles, a teapot and a cast iron pan and with or without snow.

Hisa is, of course, a shop close to my SL heart now as I absolutely love my Hisa house I always pop into the shop as you can also TP from the LM, it’s the poster on the shop window, and see any new builds in progress.

This is an UPDATE to a post from yesterday about the Little Foxes shop. I just wanted to show you what I got for my, almost, free shop credit.

A deceptively simple sweater but the colour is excellent and the roll neck is done so well. The seams are crisp, honestly no matter how many plain sweaters you have you still need this one and obviously there are many other colour options to chose from.

Sadly my preferred mesh fit isn’t used in this shop which is a shame as there were 2 other tops I’d have loved esp since a lot of them have that “nip” look to them which I actually like as just like wrinkles and folds a hint of nip adds to the realism.

PS. The shop credit is still out but again I’d RUSH now as I can’t imagine it being out for much longer.

Hisa. (Gift is outside the shop).

Little Foxes.(400Ld Shop Credit for 10Lds).