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It looks like SL is back up and running. I’m going to keep my fingers and toes crossed and try logging in myself and yes it’s all looking good.

Borking MAD!

We’re all suffering the same/different sort of issue. As you can see my Alpha’s aren’t working, I can’t do other things and there is no way am I going to try to wear, rezz or buy anything.

LOL suprise as photos seems to be the only thing working for me.

DON’T PANIC as it’s not personal, so your computer isn’t failing. This is a massive grid wide issue and the bosses at Linden Labs is trying to sort it out.

So you may want to delay logging in till later or if you do log in just chat with friends and leave everything else until we have the “all clear”.

PS. Don’t bother checking the Second Life Status page as it’s not really showing us the issues.

UPDATE. They have updated the Status page to show the issues so you may want to check that now as they will also post when things are back to normal. I know for me my invent has now fully reloaded but since I’m still a grey woman I will now log out and I will see ya’s later.

Second Life status page.