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QUICK! (400Ld Gift Card for 10Ld Joining Fee).

Mooching has certainly paid off for me.

As you can imaging I joined, snapped this piccie and now I’m doing a quick post as this generous offer could be gone by later today, tomorrow etc

Sadly not trans as I’d happily hand mine on so I will be FORCED lol to buy something and from the brief glance I’ve had around the shop it’s not going to be hard.

BTW what a lovely smile the AV has in the poster…my AV just looks either manic or stoned when I use a smile hud!

Little Foxes.

2 thoughts on “QUICK! (400Ld Gift Card for 10Ld Joining Fee).”

  1. The smile is some kind of artificial morph thing that everybody has been doing with av photos. There’s no way to actually make your av smile like that.


    1. Sorry, I missed this comment, oddly it went into the spam folder and I never check that but for some reason I did and that’s how I spotted this. I’ve “unspammed” you lol. Glad to know, I’m hoping that someone somewhere is working on good facial expressions as it would be nice to smile without looking like the Cheshire cat out of Alice in Wonderland lol.


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