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Looking forward. (Super Bargain).

Outside of the Black Swan shop it’s been landscaped very nicely and I spotted some Calla Lillies which I adored and at 1prim a shrub I wanted them.

A quick search and I found that the shop they come from “Fairy Green Fairy” which is only on the Marketplace. Since I’d seen the example of the flowers inworld and it turns out these are included in a fatpack of flowers for only 59Lds I didn’t hesitate to pick them up.

The lillies in the front are what I was after and everything else has turned out to be a big bonus.

I’ve already packed away my RL Christmas Deccies and I’m already itching to return my sim back to it’s origional lovely greeness with splashes of colour.

Some of the flowers are bold to the point of cartoonish, which is exactly what was intended.

Some I may never use such as this eye watering luminous one, I’m still keeping it though.

You get 10 packs of different plants and each pack contains many versions of that plant so in total you get 120 different plants…and shrubs. I forgot to take a picture of the shrubs but they too are bold in colours rather than shrubby shrubs.

I also picked up a premade home and landscaped demo home called the Bordeaux Manor. I’m going to assume it comes in a rezzer. The demo costs 3Ld which is neither here nor there and although I would have wished for longer than the 10mins you get to check the build out properly I’m looking forward to rezzing it and having a good look around.

Fairy Green Fairy. (Marketplace only).