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Trash or Treasure? (Freebie).

My invent had blown up and so I am determinded to “Trash” about 30,000 item. I’m going to be as hard as nails and no matter if it cost me money or is a brill freebie if I can’t see myself using it then in the trash it goes.

This dress is definately “Trash”, I’m still debating about the hair though lol.

It’s such a great dress though so I had a quick check and it’s still out at LeCastle as a Group Gift. You get the dress, harness and I think you get a chain version of the harness. A hud which allows you to change colours and the lacing on the side is a really nice touch.

So get used to a few oldies being dusted off and shown to you and of course if it’s trans then you know I will pass the item on.