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Just one(two) more thing(s).(Freebie & Mention of Gift Card).

The first big event I decided to do is the Okinawa event and on most stalls there is a gift for us. I grabbed everything I could plus a few demos and settle down to unpack when 2 things happened.

First is I unpacked this dress which came from the Escargot Creations stall. This event is nice and quiet so check it out and you can’t go wrong with this dress.

As I was debating if I should do another post a message came through from BenLev who is the AV behind the B-Made shop wishing us a Happy Christmas. Even better he’s sent us a 200Ld Gift Card.

Since I’m not in the B-Made Group I can only assume it’s coming through the subscribers list…so go slap it now.

UPDATE: I’m having a very nice time unpacking the goodies from the Okinawa event and I strongly suggest you do go as I’ve come across more clothing and a couple of things which made me giggle.

Okinawa Christmas New Year Festival. (TP board on your left).

B-Made. (Use this LM as the shop has moved).