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Info Only. (Zerkalo, Advent, Sale & New Landmark & Freebies).

If you’ve been getting the daily Zerkalo Advent gift use my NEW Landmark.

As I was grabbing todays gift, not unpacked as yet, the message went out that the shop at the old LM is either being packed up or updated so everything inc the Advent Gift are now at the new location.

You will also find at this new LM that there is a SALE going on! 30% off on all items. I’ve had a good mooch around and sadly,since I already own so many things from this shop I couldn’t see anything new to treat myself to.

I do have a small complaint as there is a bed I really would love to buy, sadly as it is a king/double size only and wouldn’t fit into my small little home plus the fact I am an SL singleton means its too big for me. It would be lovely if for things like this bed to be offered a double or single size.

PS. I almost forgot that there are also Group Gifts right next to the Advent Calender. Nothing new for me but for you it maybe new. Very much worth while checking out as the settee and the “bean bag” chair are so good I still have them.