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I’m Da BOM.(Free BOM skins).

“If it isn’t broke then don’t fix it” which is one of the reasons I’ve not gone mad on BOM skin or even bothered to try to remember how you use it. I just stick to my beloved SLink/Pumec look and change only the make up.

However looking at these 2 gorgeous BOM skins from LAQ I think it’s about time I had a refresher course on how to use BOM as that pale ginger freckled one is just perfect.

I used to wear nothing but a LAQ skin, then I moved on to Essense and finally, for several years it’s been Pumec and it’s not going to change soon.

LAQ is a free group and because I can’t show you wearing one of these skins I simply took this shot of them on the wall so it should be easy for you to spot them.

PS. Both skins come as a fatpack of shades.