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16, 18 & 21. (Entice advent).

Go to Entice for todays, the 16th, Advent gift as these green pants are such a good base item for your wardrobe.

(Yes I’ve changed the picture, the one I origionally used was just not good)

I’m going to return on the 18th and 21st as I also want those items of clothing. The only reason I’ve not gotten anything from the Entice calender before now is that I know my preferred fit isn’t inc. These pants are a decent enough fit though.

PS. The poster shows you each daily gift and once it’s gone it’s gone I think that you can buy the past date clothes for…maybe about 25Lds. The actual Advent calender you click on is on the side of the board…yeah not clearly explained but as always once you get there you will see what I mean.