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Start on day 1! (Freebie).

I won’t moan, too much, but SL has for me at least, been Borking Mad. I couldn’t see anything about it on the SL “Status Update” page but I am 100% sure the problems were with them and not me.

Since I’m planning on a day out tomorrow I was relieved I managed to log in to snap a couple of pictures before I logged out again as I hate not blogging at least 1 item a day.

As for the freebie it’s the pants only. I had already been checking the SL marketplace when I spotted the Baby Monkey shop. This is a name well known to Faith and I and any longtimers in SL as it has been around for so long. It was nice to see that it has a lot of up to date designs.

The Baby Monkey group does cost, only 20Lds, and for that there are new and old gifts, plenty to make that token payment worth it but I spotted something even better ie cheaper and thats the FREE for all Advent Tree.

Whats so nice is that Pixieplum has set the calender not just as a FREE for all but after the day is over the gift is still set so you can get it at anytime. It is a 12 day calender and so far 2 of the gifts are available, these pants and an Omega applier top. The pants come with a 3 colour option hud, the 3rd colour is a zingy yellow. Plenty of fits as well.

You do have to pay 1Ld which is returned to you and it’s day 1 & 2 which are open.

PS. If you’re after some really good bargains then there are a lot of 19Ld items on her Marketplace shop and some excellent roller skates with a big colour hud. I wonder if there is a pair of ice skates listed as well…I might check that out.

Baby Monkey. (Inworld).

Baby Monkey (Marketplace).