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Good to go.(Freebie).

The notices are starting to come out that the SL issues have been resolved.

In the short time since my last post I grabbed the !g0 Advent Gift, did one of the Shop ‘n’ hop sims and finished up at Bueno where is where you find this Free drivable car.

Since I don’t have a drivable surface on my home I flew to the island between us with the intention of showing off my driving skills…which basically means I crashed.

At least you can see in the picture the pose you pull when you’re trying to reverse lol.

I’ll have to find a road I can try or even a nice quiet sandbox and give it a proper try. Rezzed as decor only 26prims. Saturday sale

This is on the wall to the right and just behind the Saturday Sale board…just look for the rezzed copy of this jeep.


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