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Drinkie time.(Dollarbie & Info).

I managed to do the FaMESHed event and although I’ve only unpacked a couple of the freebies I can see that yet again the doners have been super generous.

Which brings me to my little drinkie. One of the gifts I picked up from FaMESHed was on the stall of a shop called “220ml” which I didn’t recognise so I popped over and at first I thought it was an elegant cafe/bar hangout place but soon worked out it’s a food/prop/pose shop.

On the bar counter are a couple of gift bags priced at 1Ld. I think it’s the same gift in both bags but now I’m not sure…will possibly check that later if I have some free time and what you get for the 1Ld is this exc wearable Christmas drink, that drink dispenser, a drink mat and some baubles.

BTW The 220ml gift from the FaMESHed event is more wearble food and it’s even better than this drink pack.

The food/prop/wearbles in the 220ml shop range from pints of beer to fancy cocktails, lots of food and snacks etc and I will assume that with each purchase you get the rezzables as well as the wearables.

Now for the “Info”.

No one needs to be told that there is now a Winter/Christmas Shop ‘n’ Hop event going on. This is a BIG event and going by the previous one it’s one you do need to spend a couple of hours walking around as previous ones have been spread over I think it’s 5 sims! So much to see and so many discounts/bargains/special offers and of course….FREEBIES!

PS. Yes those are the “Sass” pants from 2 posts ago and I will say that the Maitryea fit is so good I am more than happy to wear them even with a cropped top


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