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Try The Best. (Info only for FREE Mesh Head).

One of the reasons I’ve been avoiding blogging all the big events is we all know the big events which are going on. If you’re not too sure I will give the link to the Seraphim Blog as they are just the best source evar(sic) for events and weekly offers, updates, hunts etc and althought they don’t do “freebies” or even mention them we know a lot of these events do have gifts for us.

As for the “Free mesh head” again chances are you will have heard that “Lelutka” is giving away FREE MESH HEADS! Not only is there a male and female head they’re both the latest “Evoluntion” heads. I wear nothing but a Lelutka head, I will not bore you with the details but I for one am absolutely in love with my head lol. Sadly so far I have totally struggled to get into the shop as it’s packed and thennnnnnnn I find out the free heads are NOT in the mainshop and there are 3 satelite shops(?) which means when I can log in I can grab the goodies.

I’m going to get both, I may not wear the new “evo” head as I see no reason to change my Lelutka origional head.

PS. Also think about joining the TeleportHub Group. Sorry I can’t give you a link to join the Group but you will all know inworld you can find there gift board in a lot of shops, inc Belle Epoque. For only 10Lds you get a lot of good heads up on gifts/freebies/promos etc.

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