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I could be yours. (500Ld Credit for 20Lds).

I’m only showing you this “dry to wet” outfit that I’ve previously bought from the Blueberry shop as a teaser.

Basically pay 20Lds to join the group and not only do you get some excellent Group Gifts but a generous 500Lds worth of shop credit.

As you can imagine the place is heaving so they have made it easy and you can grab the credit through the group notice.

Sorry, I can’t give you a direct link to join the Group just the inworld LM as I just can’t seem to do it. Also, there is a cut off day to use your credit and although you still have plenty of time to use it you will probably need to practice your camming skills.


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Crying Tiers! (10Ld Gift & Mention of FREE Hunt).

How exciting we’ve gone from full lockdown to Tier 3 lockdown…OH WAIT! I swear I sighed so loudly in disappointment my neighbours heard me.

OK now for some “Christmas Ho Ho Ho”.

You may recognise this little building as I have the same one but that celebrates the Halloween Holidays while this one is obviously Christmas themed. As rezzed it’s only 5 prims and it does have a resizer menu which means you can shrink it down to a tabletop or enlarge it to make it more of a statement piece. The lights from it just give off a lovely warm glow. It will cost you 10Lds which is a pittance for such a brill decor item.

How I found this is that I went to a hunt called “Holiday Isle Christmas Market” and scattered all about are free gifts. So I grabbed quite a few of them and also checked out what’s for sale. The things I noticed most is that both the freebies and for sale items are very traditional/Victorian in style and I’m loving it. I spotted a fab Victorian-style food cart next to the skating rink which had me clicking on it to see where it’s being sold and it’s how I found the 10Ld house as it’s the same shop DH Design.

I did visit the inworld shop but I don’t know if it was just me but I couldn’t work out how to buy anything so I checked the DH Design marketplace shop which is where I picked up this house, there are a lot of other cheap/bargains as well, and the price of the food stand is 195Lds which I’m still tempted to buy but I will put it on the back burner.

PS. Make sure you check out all of the Holiday Isle market as spread over a couple of areas on the sim.

DH Design.(Marketplace).

Holiday Isle Christmas Market.

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Neve – 50% discount Sale storewide !

FINALLY ! Some good news to share – Neve is having a storewide thanksgiving sale. 50% discount from 25th November until December the 1st woot!. If there’s something you’ve been hankering over now is the time to grab it. Discount is only available at the main store location listed below. Happy Shopping ❤


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How wrong was I! (Freebie(s) & 75% Sales).

A while ago would have sworn that the Rebel Hope shop was closing down and it made me feel a bit sad as it has been inworld for such a long time and it turns out I was wrong as not only is it still up and running there is also a very generous 75% sale going on.

First just one of the Free Group Gifts.

I couldn’t see any “New to me” gifts but as always to some of you these are new. I’m just showing you the shoes and leaving the rest of the gifts, mainly accessories, for you to check out.

Once I’d got the freebie I ran around the shop price checking and grabbing a whole load of demos. Apart from the Fatpacks, nothing seems to be over 50Lds and I’ve spotted plenty under that price. You have everything from tops, shoes, dresses etc.

Once I got home and started trying out the demos much to my annoyance they DO run my fave fit and I’m being sorely tempted. So much so I’ve returned to the shop, which is where I took this picture, as I’m now going to walk around and have a proper look at whats on sale.

Rebel Hope.(PS. There are 2 Rebel Hope Shops next to each other so make sure to check both out.).

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Lots of Free’ness !

Popped over to the Black Friday Bazaar yesterday, loads of tempting items to buy. Every stand also has free gifts yay! I really liked this puffa jacket with a sweater underneath. The sweater stays black but you do get a few colour options for the jacket – its by Mooh.

Also loved this party style dress – would be perfect for Christmas, and if you’re not able to celebrate in real life – slip this on and party in Second Life ❤ This is by g-spot. The gifts are mostly in a little black sack and lots of the designers have a photo beside the bag to help you decide if you want to grab it or not.

Black Friday Bazaar

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It’s your second chance.(25Ld Tue).

I’m so pleased that this gorgeous coat and short set from Belle Epoque has been put out as a 25Ld Tuesday offer.

I already had this coat so my remaining 92Ld budget is safe.

Don’t worry if you’re not keen on this natural colour she has some lovely bright or pastel shades on offer. I will say that if I wasn’t on a budget I would have snapped up the blue and pink summery coats.

If you’ve not worked it out this is the sort of design where you alpha your arms/hands out and you keep this hands in pocket pose.

I’ve also popped one of Mina’s “beanie” hairs on just to show you one of the other styles she has. “Sira” (not a 100% sure I have the name right) comes with a large colour palette for the hair and the style hud inc in the 300Ld price.

Belle Epoque.

Mina’s Mainshop.

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Down the rabbit hole.(Freebie(s)).

I was just LM hopping and ended up at “Vicious Decay”. The name was familiar to me and a quick check of my invent was all I needed to remind myself that it’s because I own one of their sky boxes.

I spotted some random gift boxes on a table so I grabbed them and then hopped onto one of the TP’s to a rezzing platform and more about that at the end, first the FREEBIE.

That is the “Rabbit hole” made famous by a big white bunny with a pocket watch.

You have a long tunnel with bottles of potions and lamps on the way down.

At the bottom of the tunnel is this room.

That doorway leads to this corridor.

And at the end is this dark atmospherically lit room filled with glowling bottles of potions.

Last but not least is the table with of course the “Drink me” & “Eat Me” treats.

I had such fun zooming and camming around this build as I didn’t really think it was going to be as good as it is. Just a fun thing to have in your invent.

BTW. I should also have taken a photo of one of the other gifts which is a frying pan with a d*ck shaped egg in it, a very cheeky item of decor.

The shop on the ground isn’t that big and I won’t lie, not that interesting until you hop onto one of the TP’s to a rezzing platform. Their homes are so cheap, there was a MASSIVE Victorian mansion which at 150Ld was so cheap if I wasn’t on a spending limit this month I would have bought it to show you.

PS. Out of the 500Lds I started at the begining of the month I have 92Lds left so I may actually manage to stay in budget this month!

PPS. When I went back to LM grab I remembered that Vicious Decay share a platform with a shop I’ve not seen before called Coffee Stain.

Vicious Decay.