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Super Shiny People. (Freebie(s)).

This outfit is a very nice and interesting start to the week

This is it full lenght, doesn’t include the boots. I’m not 100% keen on the matching pants, it’s the top which made me go “ooo”.

This outfit has that shiny leather or even plastic sheen to it. There is nothing wrong with the pants at all and because they can be worn seperately I’d team them up with something else, or bin them, as it’s this top I’m loving.

From the rufflles to the cheeky nipness I think it stands out.

This isn’t the only freebie in the “Cherry shop”. I was thinking it was going to be the dress I was going to show you until I unpacked this one.

Also make sure to check out the “MiCro”shop which shares the same platform. There is a single gift in there and I will give you a hint as to what it’s for..your legs.

Cherry & MicRo