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Whats in the box? (Free Hair & Dress).

The box I’m holding is the delivery box for the free hair I’m wearing and I wonder how many of us will be getting boxes like this for RL Christmas gifts? (Make mine a Soap & Glory Gift).

I won’t lie I was hoping this gift from “Pink Hustler” was going to be nails as I’m loving their range of nail varnishes especially the ones with little froo froo things stuck on them. I am so pleased I tried the hair out as I think it looks really good on me and has such an interesting style.

And I know I’ve played with the colour in the picture but it was definitely a case of “Ooo that’s interesting”. You do get a hud of colours and although that pale shade on the left always remains the same I thought this pink option for the other side looks really good.

The dress is also a freebie which I suspect I have shown you it before and there is also an interesting bathing suit which again looks familiar and totally blog-worthy. This dress comes with a big hud of colours and you can wear it with a chain and/or a leather harness.

PS. The hair, if I remember correctly is a subscribers gift so find the board and slap it.

Pink Hustler. (Hair).

Lecastle. (Dress).