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Demo, Demo and More Demo’s. (Freebie(s) & Cheap Temptation).

The top I’m wearing is a gift off the Starlight Apparel stall at the 4 Season event. Plenty of fits and it has that “perky nip” look to it which happily distracts me from the Kawaii Unicorn as I’m not a Unicorn sort of girl lol.

Just like I’m nearly always wearing a Mina hair I’m nearly always wearing Alaskametro make-up so if you ever wonder where my make up comes from then I can guarantee it’s Alaskametro.

I just think the shading/textuing is top quality and you can pick from young natural to dark and supernatural. I’m not looking forward to logging back inworld to LM grab as I won’t be able to resit check out the new stuff as I’m trying, and failing, to stick to my SL & RL budget lol.

Obviously it’s never the same for everyone which is why you should try the demo’s and thats how you get the FREE one as we all know it’s common for a demo pack of colours to come with a free one which is a wearable demo.

I will admit I have a whole folder of the wearable demos plus I did pay 50Lds to join the Group as there is so many gifts for us and I bought myself some full priced palettes as I just think they’re totally worth it.

Alaskametro (Marketplace).

Alaskametro (Inworld).

The 4-Seasons Event.