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Hunt Those Pumpkins !

Met up with Zan at the Swank Pumpkin hunt this morning ! We decided as it was such a large event and there were so many pumpkins we would do it together. Pumpkins are mostly $0L but a few are $1L. Then ensued arguments about who was going to show which item – SO MUCH ! I was definitely going to show this gorgeous leather dress by Glitter , such a rich toffee leather – great fit too .

Then I found a wearable yay! This back drop is by Colour Alchemists, dont rez – wear it ! Im also showing the corset and suspenders by Ghostyss – a myriad of fits included.

Last for me is the big box of gifts from Park Place. The arched gothic windows are amazing, you also get some black pumpkins, the footstool and the floral arrangement – great gift ! Im wearing the sweet witch outfit including boots by Key Style – dead nice and a huge amount of fits included for both dress and boots.

Here comes Zan !

Here’s a FIRST! We’ve never really added/edited or interferred in each others post so this does seem weird.

We did literally bumped into each other at the Swank event, I think Faith was there first, and so both of us went pumpkin hunting and then agreed on who would wear what and although Faith had wanted to show you this dress from the Rapture stand I’d “bagsied” it first in the comment lol.

A rather nice blue but it’s the creases, folds and the sexy lightly rounded belly which makes this a lovely gift. Those lines are not “breakthrough” they’re very reflective and change as you walk through different windlight settings.

This is the gift off the “ADI” stall and I’m going to admit I don’t recognise that name but a quick check of the Marketplace shop and I can see some familiar Dollarbies. I will of course check the in world shop as soon as I can.

BTW if you’re wondering I can’t cast a shadow in SL. Actually I sorta can but can’t. My computer is a gaming one and so I can run SL at high settings but for some reasons my shadows mainly come out as dirty patches at best and bad pixels at worst. So in the end I just decided I’d not bother with the hit and miss shadows and allow Faith to cast them instead. You need to join the free Swank group to grab your gifts btw.

Swank Pumpkin Hunt