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Getting fancy.

Sorry nothing in this post if a freebie but I will say that in the “Just Because ” shop there are Group Gifts just not this dress.

I’ve had this dress for such a long time. It was so nice to be swanning around in my hunt for cheapies/freebies looking so glamorous as normally I’m just wearing the last thing I blogged lol.

I will put the LM to the “Just Because” shop as there are freebies, just turn to your right as you go in the entrance. This gown is called and you can find it at the back of the shop, left hand wall, in the “gown” department. You will be able to try the demo for yourself and if you do decide to buy it then the only struggle you will have is which colour to choose!

OH and the dress is called “Sabrina”.

An extra “ooo” for me was a NEW Mina! Chiara

I’d popped in as I wanted to check to see if the wild and wacky hair I’d used in my previous post was still for sale, it is and it’s upstairs in the Discount Department. So if you liked that look thats where you will find it.

This new hair is only from the “Kinky” event. It’s the blindfold which give it that “kink”. BUT The mask is not included with the hair it is a seperate purchase.

This hair is so sleek it looks as though it’s been straightened with a ghd straightener and not some cheap knock off and yet as you can see you can still make out the strands of texture and colour added to that is a light satin sheen which moves as you do. Her colour palette as anyone who has bought one of her more recent hairs is not only extensive but they are just unique to the Mina range…go on squint at my picture.

Since I’ve had fun with the editing I’m going to use this hair in my next pictures but of course and as always you really have to try the demo on so as always link to Mina’s mainshop for that.

PS. Don’t panic with the mask when you first put it on. It does come with a resizing menu and you can edit it so I made a copy, just in case I balled it up, and all it took was 1 little tweak to get a perfect fit. This also means it can be made bigger or smaller to fit both male and female AV’s.

Mina’s Mainshop

Just because

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  1. I think you left the shop name out in the first sentence – if you cant edit, tell me and I will enter it for you 🙂


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