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Ta Da! (10Ld Halloween Gift).

I’m only in the picture to give you an indication of the size of this haunted house….mind you I do look good lol.

This house has such great detailing to it with ghosts floating by the window a warm glow and ONLY 5 PRIMS! This is the size it’s rezzed at and with the resizing menu I did shrink it down to it’s smallest size which is teeny and remained 5 prims. I didn’t dare see how big I can make it but the prims do go up quite a bit for that.

I suspect that it was once a Gacha prize as it’s non-copy AND trans so for 10Ld only you could buy it for yourself and a bestie!

Marketplace only as far as I know as I have been doing a bit of shopping on the MP.

DH Marketplace.

4 thoughts on “Ta Da! (10Ld Halloween Gift).”

  1. Who is this by Zan? The link says its mature (which I have) but won’t let me buy it? What does DH actually stand for?


  2. Since I can’t update this post then for anyone who like Faith has struggled to find it. The shop is listed on the Marketplace as :DH: Shop and the seller is called Sibila Lubitsch. So hopefully this will allow you to find this item.


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