Blogging SL

I need a break.(10Ld and Freebie).

A couple of reblogs before I log off and I know I wasn’t going to say when something was being “reblogged” but since it costs 10Ld I wouldn’t want you to buy what you may already own.

The skirt comes from OA M.E.O and I did pick it up from the Marketplace where it costs 10Lds. Just a really nice skirt with a useful hud of both plain and patterns. This might be free inworld but SL was struggling to rezz for me so make sure to check it out.

The top is the freebie from Arata If it looks familar to you then so will the other freebie I’ve blogged before which is a most interesting shaped skirt.

OA M.E.O (Marketplace).

Arata (Inworld).