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Lady of the Manor. (Belle Epoque gift & Dollarbie).

I swear it’s been that long since I last wore make-up because of wearing masks that when I can go maskless I’m going to look/feel like Pennywise!

The outfit consists of skirt, top, stole and a lovely floral headdress artfully splattered with THE BLOOD OF MINE ENEMIES!!!!

As you can see from my “muffin tops” this isn’t an SLink fit and of course, we all know that Belle Epoque only does Maitreya.  Still pretty good and wearing the stole covers up any breakthroughs.

It also gives me a good excuse to finally wear one of Mina’s bloody hair from Mina’s.  I’m glad I checked as this hair is now NOT a Group Gift but never fear as she’s now got 2 bloody hairs out in the Group Gift area.  I have the unbloodied version of Arwen which is just such a cute shorter hair.  I think the other is called “Alison” and she has a very retro 80ties vibe.  There are other Group Gifts which are not bloodied and of course some men’s hair which is basically unisex so if you do pay the 200Lds to join the Mina group there are some very seasonal hair as well as plenty of others and a brand new one so you get a heck of a lot for your Lindens.

The make-up is a Dollarbie that I’d picked up from the Marketplace.  I do know that there is an inworld shop for “Pout” so it may be free inworld.  I will have to check that out for you later and will do an update or you can check out the “Pout” shop either in the MP or you may already have the LM.

UPDATE: As promised I’ve found the Marketplace shop where you can pick the Pennywise make up from however you will see that there are a LOT of Dollarbies

Belle Epoque

Mina’s Main shop.

Pout. (Marketplace).

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I’m missing something!(Freebie(s)).

I decided just to use the house on the hill at Mina’s shop as a backdrop but looking at the number of visitors there has to be something going on?  So I will check that out and see if there is a special offer or something.

Till then it’s an oldie and still a goodie. Although this dress only comes in a Maitreya fit it’s actually pretty darn decent even on my SLink.

I’ve just been old LM checking so a lot of people will recognise this “Sorumin” gift dress.  Sadly it looks like the owners of Sorumin are having script issues so the shop is basically shut for sales however this dress and a few other gifts are in the little shed on the same platform as Sorumin and Yokai and Artko.

PS. I checked about Mina and I can’t see if there is anything special, maybe people are just treating themselves to a new hair do lol.

Sorumin & Yokai etc

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Chunky! (Freebie).

Sometimes either my computer or I suspect SL only rezzes chunks of SL and it takes TPing and in out a few times before everything rezzes fully so I was very pleased when I TP’d to Hilly Haalan that everything rezzed perfectly and I could see these NEW Freebies.

If you’re wondering about the two colours it’s a pretty simple little trick which you probably already know but if you don’t then like the shoes this is new to you.  These come with a decent-sized hud so wear one shoe and picked your colour scheme, then take the shoe off and put the other one on and pick another colour for that and then pop the first one back on and voila same shoes two different colours.  I’ve done the same with other outfits where there are two separates but only one hud.

PS.  Remember that behind you in a small building is a whole load of other Gifts, everything from stappy summer stuff to cosy wintery stuff.

Hilly Haalan.

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Neve @ Uber – Ghoulish !

New round of Uber means new goodies from Neve ! On offer this round are the “ghoul” pants and the “vamp” top. If you’re into Halloween there are some fantastical options in the Huds for you – think cobwebs, blood red etc. If you’re not into Halloween (Like moi) don’t despair – as you can see there are plenty of other options in the pack hurrah! I just fell in love with the plaid range of pants, especially this blue teal tone.

Thinking to Autumnal shades there are lots of those too. The Hud allows you to remove the straps on the pants, metal colours for the zip plus the handy dandy “boot helper” feature. The top is actually two parts so you can fool around with mix & match options. Loads of patterns, plains etc. Great job Neve team ❤

Hair “Ambience” by Truth

Boots “Kendall” by Gos

Fence pose by Le Poppycock


Uber Cam Sim

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Fifty Linden Friday – What Did I buy?

Happy Friday!!! Its another FLF yippeee ! I raced over to Osmia and bought this complete outfit of jeans & top, brilliant look for Autumn all in black. Mesh body fits for most major brands included. Perfect fit for my Maitreya body. Love the styling of the leather jeans, the top has optional sleeves – FAB! Short post as I am now shooting out the front door into my real life work ❤

(Other colours available at full price)

Fifty Linden Friday Gallery

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Its That Time Again ! (Freebies)

I hadn’t noticed that a hunt was running at Kiyomizu shopping mall ! Whizzed over there straight away as I always love their hunts. You’re looking for little black cats, just touch them and your gift is delivered. The stores with the hunt poster are the ones you’re looking for – some give you a landmark to their main store, however these two gifts I am going to show you were at the hunt itself. Above is the gift from M*Motion – its an all in one outfit – the whole shebang – Maitreya fit only. Totally love it. Slouchy soft cardigan, little white camisole and the long pleated skirt – divine.

I also liked this woolly shirt dress by milky*way – Maitreya fit only. Chunky knit with collar and buttons to the neck – great with a pair of boots or sneakers. On your way around the centre (its huge and sprawling with many levels!) there are many many lucky boards to play also – always some unique stores to find. Have fun !

Kiyomizu shopping mall

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Regrets? Only time will tell. (Freebie).

I decided to change the season around my home so I went and bought the autumn shade pack of the trees I already own and I will be slowly swopping out the summer planting to autumnal and I will admit I have a slight twinge of regret as I think I had the landscaping so perfect that to see it changing it making me wish I didn’t start.

So in my hunt for autumn landscaping I already own I typed “Autumn” in my invent and amongst all the shrubs and trees up popped this dress.

It’s from the Lurve shop, on the reception desk, and comes in plenty of fits also a few of our Furry friend fits as well.

PS. Even though you wouldn’t notice I’ve even changed my make up to an autumn palette.