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Staying still. (Freebie(sssssss)).

I’m glad I’m not the only one who seems to be having SL issues.  I’ve not spotted anything on the Second Life Status page yet but I suspect soon they will be getting enough complaints for them to “reboot” ie pull the plug and then plug it back in.

I did manage to get to the “Engine Room” event now that it has quietened down, don’t worry as it does go on till the 20th.

Although I have tweaked the picture a little bit you can see the amount of work and detail in this build which makes it a good place to visit just to see but what makes it a GREAT place to visit is ALL THE FREEBIES!

I didn’t keep count of how many in total but at a rough guess about maybe 30(ish).

So because of the TPing issues instead of checking out all the LM’s I’ve picked up from this event I’m just plonking myself right down and working my way through all of the gifts.  I could see at a glance that a lot is small things ie chokers, rings etc but what little I’ve opened already is top shop quality and just because I’m not showing you it doesn’t mean it’s not blog-worthy.

I’ve just spotted at the bottom of the “The Engine Room” page they’re showing you some, not all, of the gifts.  For example, the halo I’m wearing is a gift but you can’t see a picture of it and I can see the Belle Epoque gift isn’t showing either.  I can see the blouse I’m wearing so have a close look and it’s the gift from “Apricot Paws”.  It alone is an excellent gift but for me a lousy fit.

The Engine Room.

Engine Room Blog (For pictures).