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Took my “dog” to the beach (Free)

I cant really recall why I was wandering around the area of Uni Boutique – but hey ho – I spied their Stay at Home board and nabbed this little free outfit ! So I took “my dog” to the beach and snapped a few piccies. You get the whole look, the jeans and boots are one piece – which is kinda nifty as you don’t have to mess around with layers and pokey outy bits.  Plus the soft look sweater over a shirt. A ton of mesh body fits included.

Then look who popped in and snuggled up to me while I was editing the photo ! Its a rare blog appearance for my other half Player ❤ As he was wearing a colour that sort of blended in with me – I let him get in shot – yummy man that I adore ! We spent the next two hours doing silly things at a freebie store we hadnt been too since around 2007 – post about that later !

Uni Boutique