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Don’t you dare scroll by! (Freebie(ssssss).

Obviously, I know furniture and decor isn’t of interest to many so it’s fortunate that the gifts from “Hello Fall” event gifts contain a really good mix of clothing, jewellery and decor.  I was particularly impressed with one of the dresses and I’m wearing a pair of sneakers which I may just keep.

I’m sure(ish) that this linked bamboo planter set is off the Storaxtree stall as it has that Storaxtree quality to it. Sadly I couldn’t “rip it apart” as it’s non-mod but it does come with a resizing menu so I shrunk it down to an itty bitty tabletop size.

This is the regular sort of event I/we all know and come to love in that there are a lot of freebies and discounted items.  I’ve got my beady eye on 2 things but I just want to make sure I don’t have very similar items already in my invent before I get “spendy”.

Hello Fall.

Hello Fall Blog (for pictures of whats for sale).