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It’s Sweater Time! (50Ld Group Gifts & Mention of Freebies)..

I joined the Loki group a long time ago just to grab this super kawaii sweater and so this is a reblog.  The group only costs 50Lds and this gift alone was worth it.  I know there is a hud of colours, maybe about 8.  There are other paid-for group gifts which are also lovely but as far as I can tell the older gifts such as this sweater are a Maitreya fit and the newer ones are Maitreya and Legacy.

Obviously, this one will fit most mesh bodies.  And yes it is one of those designs where it looks as though you have your hands tucked into the pocket.  You simply Alpha out your arms and hands or in my case remove my hands.

The PJ bottoms I’m wearing are a Lucky Board gift from Loki and sorry only for Group Members.

Never fear as there is a small selection of free for all gifts and although I didn’t see anything new it may be new to you.

PS.  I have another Kawaii Sweater which was a Gacha win, I’m going to check I still have it and I may do a post about that next..or soon.