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I’m keeping the credit. (350 Credit & Group Gifts only 18Lds). UPDATE.

Normally when I get a gift or credit card I pass it on but since this is a non-trans shop credit I have to keep it.

NOT that I’m complaining as I can happily spend much more than 350Ld in the Vision shop and so I’m going to go on a shopping spree when I return and I haven’t seen a cut of date for the use of your credit, check the group though as I may have missed it.

Basically, it only costs only 18Lds to join the Vision group and not only as you can see do you get the credit by slapping that board on a wall near here are some SHOP QUALITY gifts.  I’ve snagged a couple which I didn’t recognise as having been blogged by us.

Since I suspect this is very time-limited as it’s the 31st today and it may finish tomorrow the 1st..go now!  Then head upstairs as there are a few Lucky Boards.

PS.  I don’t see a cut off day for using the credit.

Thanks to Faith I now know that this free credit is available till the 18th.


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