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Kawaii Treats. (sokawaiisunday).

Blimey it’s already been a week has passed since the start of the new “sokawaiisunday” weekly discounts and yet again I caved into temptation.  Last week I treated myself to that ethereal floating dress and this week it was these wall-mounted Goldfish bowls.

I’ve obviously I took this picture in the shop I promise you for only 65Lds and 2 prims I snapped them up and then I made the mistake of going through the door you can see in the background and I bought myself yet another washing line! Only 99Lds and if it’s as nice as the picture and hopefully low prim then I’m looking forward to putting that out somewhere..I might show you it as an update when I can log back inworld.

I didn’t see any Group Gifts, not that I looked very much for them, but where you land there are some Lucky Boards with quality prizes.  I do recognise them esp the oversize wardrobe/backdrop.

Sorry I don’t have the LM for the Lagom shop but I will add that on as soon as I can.

PS.  There is plenty of variety of bargains on the sokawaiisunday list so if you’re into clothing, nails or decor it’s all there.

UPDATE: I popped in to unpack the 99Ld washing lines.

This larger one is 11 prims, deceptively simple as when you look at it closely it has pretty pegs and little flowers decorating it, you can even see a couple of the petals on the ground.

This second one is the one I really wanted as I think I can use it inside as much as outside.

You can also see a lot better the pretty little decorations as well in this version.


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