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Classy. (Freebies).

I had a brief scan of the “Fifty 5 Thursday” list and that’s how I ended up at a shop called “GGVG”.

YES, this dress is a freebie and you even get a pretty decent hud with tropical/summer day themes to them.  My AV isn’t smiling but my RL me is.

On the same stand is this other Group Gift and although it’s a “classic SL design” I had high hopes and trust me they weren’t dashed

Chances are you already have this one-piece skirt/blouse design in your invent and if so still go and try this one.  It has a lovely softness to the drape and a hud which allows you to change the colour/texture of the blouse and I love this soft brown polka dot.

I was so distracted by these 2 Group Gifts, veer to your right when you go into the shop, that I forgot to check out the Fifty 5 Thur offer lol.

GGVG Fashion Shop.