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Just bob, bob, bobbing along. (15LD Reminder & Dollarbie).

As I meandered SL I came across a shop with some weird and interesting Dollarbies, I picked up a pig mask, a full-sized steamer boat, footstool, farm cart and balloons.

Then I went to Ricielli as it’s another shop I like to visit as I love the “Hunts”.  Sadly it’s still the Easter Hunt so this is really just a reblog post.

I think we all know the Hunt that goes on at “Ricielli” and the quality items you can pick up for just 15Lds, everything from dresses, skirts, lingerie etc. Since this hunt can and does change at any time if you’ve missed the last post then go now.

PS.  The AO when wearing the balloon is a rather fun swimming motion.


Silly Dollarbies?