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I’m useless! 50% Sale.

If you remember I said that I was going to stick to a 500Ld budget limit for this month…that is down the drain!

I was working my way through the 25Ld Tue list which is how I ended up at Muniic(sic) and sorry this outdoor bath set isn’t a 25Ld offer but at 125Ld still a superb bargain.

Turns out there is a 50% sale going on in the Muniic shop and I went totally spendy!  This outdoor shower set comes linked or in bits and naturally, I bought the PG version so I will assume the Adult one costs a bit more.

I ended up buying 6 items, an old sewing machine, 125Lds and the matching chair for 75Lds as the chair not only matches the sewing machine in style but had the poses/ao to match.  A fence set for just 38Lds, a garden cupboard which I can’t remember how much and a couple of plants for 25Lds and this is one of them.  The plants I found outside in the Muniic Thrift shop which is behind you when you TP in or you can get to it from the inside the shop.

This sale only goes on till the 9th and I’m dreading going back to get the LM as I know that I could easily have bought a lot more as I’m only showing you a couple of the items I’ve bought but there are some excellent furniture and decor for inside and outside of your home and in the sale very affordable!  BTW You can also buy the full packs of decor items or individual bits.

PS. The Muniic Group is free to join but I couldn’t find any group gifts.