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A quickie. (19Ld Bag).

I wish I’d seen this bag yesterday as it would have complimented the outfit I was wearing perfectly.

You get two huds which allow you to change the colour of the straps and the other one is for the pattern of the bag.

So two clicks turn it from an evening bag into a day bag.

It, of course, comes from a shop which never fails to give us great quality bargains because this beauty only costs 19Lds.  You also get 2 really good wearing poses, from the hand and over the shoulder and if you have the prims to spare then only 9 prims rezzed as a decor item.

The Legendaire group now costs, 49Ld to join, and it’s worth it.  I’m not in the group anymore simply because I need the group space plus I don’t mind picking up these bargains when they come along.

Legindaire.(This and all the other discounts/special offers are on the easels at the LM).