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A simple country life. (Free S@bbia).

You all know my feelings about the S@bbia shop so I won’t go on apart from saying this sweet skirt and blouse set soothes my soul.

Sadly the previous recent Group Gift shoes, which go perfectly with this outfit, are now gone but there is still another two new Group Gifts of which I have blogged.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Suprised yelling. (Freebie, Cheapies, Mention of Freebies).

First, the freebie which is this bikini.  I have seen it before but I didn’t blog it as it is an applier one and since there are quite a few freebies for different freebie groups in the Petry Model Store shop I went for one of those instead that time but now I’ve tried this one on I’m so pleased with it I decided to show it to you this time.

This bikini comes in 3 colours and is just nice and pretty.

Now for the rest.  Before you go into the larger main shop there are I think 2, maybe 3, small shops and in those are some bargains.  I was going to snap up another bikini set for only 20Lds and a lovely blue dress for the same price however to take advantage of these deals and the Group Gifts you have to be in the Petry group and that comes with a not unreasonable price tag of 50Lds but I am a big fat meanie so I didn’t join and I just went for this 1 freebie but make sure to check those out for yourself.

Then when you’re ready for the freebies go into the large shop and turn left and there is a whole wall of gifts for different groups, you may even recognise a couple of items as I have blogged them.  You will also see in the main entrance some decent deals, 30Lds outfits, just click the poster and get a demo sent to you, I did and I was most impressed.

My surprise is that I had a new copy of my Lelutka mesh head sent to me as I’d borked the old fault..and it was only when pulling this pose did I notice that there are now a lot more facial expressions and pretty decent ones at that!  I found on the hunt for my mesh head that all of them struggle to get decent facial expression so to see how good these updated ones are was a very nice surprise.  If by chance you have a Lelutka head and didn’t know they have been updated then think about getting it resent to you.

Petry Model Store

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All you need

Well well well – it finally happened. One outfit is all I actually need for a whole day out ! Just out at Uber today these new releases from Neve are gonna put a grin on your face. I don’t know where to begin, I feel a little giddy ! The Gust top & Gale shorts are pretty unique, slip them on and you’re good to go for a day out ! Above I’m wearing one of the shorts options from the denim pack, and a plaid shirt – can you just see the bikini underneath?

Here it is with the shirt removed via the Hud, leaving the bikini top on. Huge choice of packs for both items. The shirt has bikini top options, the shorts have bikini bottoms options – Get it? I didnt for a few mins to be truthful.

The tadah – just the bikini ! Go take a peek – bet you wont leave without them- thanks Neve team – big SCORE for me this one ❤ awesome work !

Neve @ Uber

Uber Cam Sim


Hair by Tram Fifty Linden Friday

Sim – Dreamworks – Our sim, come visit!

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“Why not” indeed. (Freebie(s)).

I was hoping to find free/cheap clothing before I did another furniture post but I can’t wait and I have to show you this stunner now.

You can just see the quality of this design as the shadowing is so nice and that lamp hanging down can be turned off and on.  What you can’t see is the menu to change the cushion colours, which are all very subtle and the poses for both him and her.  This is a large item and yet only, I think, 7 prims.

Picked this up from the “Why Not” shop.  Lots to see outside before you go inside and that is where you will find this and also a “Stay at home club” gift as well which I think is a patio table/chair set.

Why Not?

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It’s raining everywhere! (29Ld Group Gift).

I’d seen this very interesting statue on a previous visit to the Liliths Den shop.  I’m not sure why I didn’t purchase it at the time but now it’s a Group Gift and only 29Lds to join I snapped it up.

I’ve had fun with the editing because there is a full-sized model in the shop.  This is a big statue and the pouring rain effect from the umbrella is particularly good.  This is the back of it.

This is actually the delivery box it comes in and the front of the statue. The delivery box on it’s own can be used as decor and it as well as the really big version are only 2 prims! So far I’ve rezzed 4 copies of this over our sim which is a bit too much so I think I will clear those up and just leave this one sadly overlooking the edge of our sim. It’s a very melancholic statue and I like it for that because nowhere and nothing is totally sweetness and light.

The Liliths Den group joining fee has gone down to just 29Lds but I have a feeling that soon it will go back up to full price which I think wasn’t really much in the first place.

As I said you can see a full-sized example of this but you get this off a hippo board and you will see the “old Group Gift” tab as well. I have no idea of what they are as you only get a pop-up menu to pick them off and I’ve not unpacked any of them yet but I have high hopes.

Liliths Den

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Where great gifts go to die! (Lots of !g0 Dollarbies).

It’s time for a “Reblog” esp when I’m pretty sure that quite a few of the Dollarbies in the “Discount Department” are pretty recent Group Gifts.

I can’t say when this particular dress was a Group Gift but it most definitely is pretty new and you may already have it if you’re an !g0 group member.  There is such a variety of items on offer, skirts, tops, dresses all with that unique !go style.

The !g0 LM is in a set place, to see the new Group Gift run straight ahead and it’s in there,  to check out the bargains/discounts/dollarbies then turn to your right and it’s in that part of the building.

The Dollarbies are to be found upstairs in the Discount Department, on the ground floor are racks and racks of discounted items.  I must also say that the older Dollarbies come in the standard mesh fits and the newer ones in mesh body fits however much of the older gifts can easily be worn by any shape.

PS. I treated myself to the FLF hair on offer from Bonbon.


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Fifty Linden Friday – what did I buy?

One thing stood out to me this week and its this dress from The Secret Store called “Florence” – Lacey little number with a belted waist and button fastening at the nape of the neck. Two colours to choose from – this chocolate and a rusty orange. To be honest I was tempted to buy another full price one as its so cute – but my budget demands I don’t boohoo ! ($250 each full price) I’ve ear marked it though for when funds are better ❤

The Secret Store

FLF gallery


Hair Navy & copper Lilly

Necklace by Avaway “Christina”