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His ‘n’ Her Grooming. (Subscribers Gift).

What a fab subscribers gift from Elm.

The freebies in this picture are the pile of books with that lovely plant on top.  The pink box is actually a little make up fridge because one click and it opens to this.

Such great attention to detail and I do believe that this mini fridge is possibly as low as 2 prims or as high as 3 prims.  You get a choice of colours for the fridge as well.

Now for the boys and since I didn’t have any space next to my sink I had to put them on the floor under the sink.

The slippers aren’t included but the pot, balm, oil, brush and that excellent wash bag are.  Again seriously low primmed and yet top quality texturing.

I’ve not been to Elm for a long time, I wish shops would use their subscribers lists more as I think it’s a great way to at least remind people to visit.

So sorry as of yet no decent clothing, but it’s not for want of trying.  So I’m going to take a break and hopefully, I will come back with some clothing.


2 thoughts on “His ‘n’ Her Grooming. (Subscribers Gift).”

  1. Hello!! How are you? I love the gift, I find it very beautiful. How could I get one? Nice blog, I’m still investigating it. Thank you! 🙂


    1. I’m not logged in at the moment so going by memory they’re just on the reception desk under the Subscribers board. All you need to do is subscribe to the shop and pick up your gifts. Hope this helps and I’m glad you like our blog. Zan.


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