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Suprised yelling. (Freebie, Cheapies, Mention of Freebies).

First, the freebie which is this bikini.  I have seen it before but I didn’t blog it as it is an applier one and since there are quite a few freebies for different freebie groups in the Petry Model Store shop I went for one of those instead that time but now I’ve tried this one on I’m so pleased with it I decided to show it to you this time.

This bikini comes in 3 colours and is just nice and pretty.

Now for the rest.  Before you go into the larger main shop there are I think 2, maybe 3, small shops and in those are some bargains.  I was going to snap up another bikini set for only 20Lds and a lovely blue dress for the same price however to take advantage of these deals and the Group Gifts you have to be in the Petry group and that comes with a not unreasonable price tag of 50Lds but I am a big fat meanie so I didn’t join and I just went for this 1 freebie but make sure to check those out for yourself.

Then when you’re ready for the freebies go into the large shop and turn left and there is a whole wall of gifts for different groups, you may even recognise a couple of items as I have blogged them.  You will also see in the main entrance some decent deals, 30Lds outfits, just click the poster and get a demo sent to you, I did and I was most impressed.

My surprise is that I had a new copy of my Lelutka mesh head sent to me as I’d borked the old fault..and it was only when pulling this pose did I notice that there are now a lot more facial expressions and pretty decent ones at that!  I found on the hunt for my mesh head that all of them struggle to get decent facial expression so to see how good these updated ones are was a very nice surprise.  If by chance you have a Lelutka head and didn’t know they have been updated then think about getting it resent to you.

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