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I can’t be bothered to Diva! (Freebie & Mention of Hunt/Free Clothes).

First the freebie but if you want info on clothes then read the last part.

Love, love and love this sweet simple gift from La Galleria, don’t those trees look so real! I’d originally gone to grab the traditional deck chairs but as soon as I spotted this I forgot about them and I can’t even remember what the other gifts were.  This little potted scene is only 1prim and it’s going to be the only palm tree’s allowed on our sim lol.

As for the clothes.  Virtual Diva has a paid-for hunt going on.  Each item is only 25Lds and of course at the LM is the big poster showing you every prize and I was tempted by #1. Then I spotted that the clothing only comes in a Maitreya and Legacy fit so in the end even though there was a good chance it would fit I decided I’d not bother.

There are FREEBIES to be had a Virtual Diva and only a few posts ago I did the newest one which is here Virtual Diva Group Gift Post

Also, there are other Free to join group gifts which I didn’t blog and I’d not noticed that outside of the shop is other Freebies for free groups plus 6 lucky boards and I did linger a bit as I really would have loved to have won the top right prize lol.

La Galleria(This and many other beachy themed items of decor are in the room at the LM, just click and buy for 0Lds).

Virtual Diva