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Stay Salty. (Freebie(sssssss)).

So many events and special occasions going on inworld it’s nice to come across one which maybe smaller in size but it has as many freebies as we could wish for, I think it’s 35 in total but I may have miscounted plus I did pick up a couple of demos.

This is the …….event and on each stall is a little black box which is the gift and on the stalls are a lot of discounted items and something will be only 35Lds.  I’ve done the usual thing and, almost, the first item of clothing is the only thing I’m going to show you and I have the rest to unpack when I log back in.  As always it appears to be a mix of the usual small things and till I came across this outfit I’d unpacked a shop quality pair of shoes and an item of decor which I’m so happy with.  I also spotted 2 builds which I know are really discounted as I’ve seen them in the shops mainshop for full price so the discounts are for real.

PS.  I can’t remember which stall this outfit came from but you do get a LOT of different fits.

Hot Summer 35Ld Sales