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Welcome Home.(10Ld Hair Hunt Prize).

One of the reasons you get a lot of beach photos is that I’ve made my beach “Home” spot. In RL I’m not a “bikini babe” I don’t roast myself to a nice shade of mahogany brown on the beach, I am a saunterer, a book reader, a watcher of waves(and people), a loner and I love it and in about two weeks time to save my sanity that is exactly what I’m planning on doing, even if it’s just for a day.

OK, Enough waxing lyrical.  The hair is a WOH6 hunt gift and costs 10Lds and it’s so easy to find the sun I’m not going to give you a hint.  You get a LOT of huds options way too many to list.

As for the clothes I’m wearing I’m going to save that, as it’s a reblog, for my next post as I have a super gift for my next post.

Rama Salon